People : Jenny Barden

Jenny Barden has lived in Brighton for the past 3 years and is willing to answer some random questions about love, life and laughter.

What's your name?
Jenny 'Ju' Barden.

How old are you? 22.

I hear you're studying at University? What's your course and are you actually having any fun like the typical Uni student? I am studying Engineering - Yes, I am a geek - and I live with my three best friends so I am having the time of my life!

You've lived in Brighton for a few years now. Getting any older, or any newer? Like anywhere you live for a long time it can become a routine, but Brighton still surprises me. I fell in love with Brighton four years ago and I still get the same buzz when I come back home.

Some people say the best things in life are free. Would you agree? The people you meet and the relationships you have with them is something that money can't buy - so yes.

2009 is going well for a lot of people. Give us one highlight, and one low light of 2009 for you. I visited Paris in January, amazing city. Sadly, I had to go to a funeral earlier in the year.

In 20 years time you will be... Taking it easy.

Do you have any regrets? A few, but I am working on changing that.

Excited about the Summer? Yes - I have a flat in Shoreditch to move in to over the summer. I've never lived in London before so it should be a great adventure.

Final question - ever been in love? No... I'm incapable.
Words: Matthew Skingsley
Photos: Snapuup!

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