People: 4 guys, some questions...

Daniel Hobbs, 2o, Photographer, part-time model and skinny scenester.

Daniel, what do you do? I'm a photographer and just generally living life.

If you could be dressed by any designer on a daily basis, who would it be and why? I can never decide on just one designer, or on one thing of anything. Why be dressed just by one designer, when you could be dressed by different designers on a daily basis. A completely new look every day? That's my ideal look.

Nice. If you were to have one last meal before execution, what would it be? A very large meal that would take years to prepare and years to finish, giving me enough time to stop myself being executed... if that failed, probably a cheesy pasta bake.

If you had 4 minutes left to live, who would you spend them with? By the time I decided I'd probably be dead.

Best film ever? I don't have favourites, I can never decide on one thing and if I did, I'd probably end up finding something better.

Did you ever have any crushes on school teachers? I had sex with a teacher from my college, so yes, although it wasn't really a crush, I guess it was more a turn on for the fact he was a teacher...

Louie Thomas French, 19, Mens Supervisor at New Look in Brighton and general party boy.

Louie, what do you do with yourself? I make shit clothes look hot for a big retail company.

How's living in Brighton for you? Really good/really horrendous.. small scene!

Any haunts you regularly visit for a good ol' gay night out? I don't even have to name them... Revenge, Charles Street, Vavoom, R-Bar. AVOID Legends etc.

You've been stuck on a desert island for 7 years, and someone says you can get off but you have to do 1 of 2 things. Either eat a plate of steaming hot poo, or kill a puppy and eat it... what would you do? What the fuck? Definitely kill the puppy!

Are your feet ticklish? Extremely.

Best film ever? There's too many... most of which I like because they are hilariously shite. Obviously Brokeback Mountain, Breakfast at Tiffany's, House of Wax, HSM, Withnail and I and The Green Mile.

What are your favourite 3 songs at the moment? Deadmau5 - I Remember, Britney - anything post breakdown and anything by La Roux.

Final question Ever been in love? No, thank God. Too young!

Jeffrey Wakeham, 29, Telephone Enquires Officer & handsome devil.

Jeffrey! What do you do with yourself? This and that.

Brighton's been labelled the 'gay capital' of the UK and has held this tag for many years now. What do you think of it all? I REALLY can't stand that description of Brighton, but 'queer' capital is better than 'gay' capital I suppose... forget straight, gay, bi etc, lets just be queer, in other words lets just be what you want when you want.

Your favourite haunts? I like to try loads of different places, not a great fan of the scene but will go to Revenge, Charles Street etc every now and then... prefer places that are not 'gay' focused.

What's your favourite film of ALL time? Once upon a time in America (or I haven't seen it yet).

Are you ga ga about Lady Ga Ga? She's alright, hooky tunes.

Ever been in love, Jeffrey? Maybe once...

Daniel James O'Connor, 20, Psychology student at the University of Sussex

Hi Daniel. How are things for you in Brighton? Dire.

If you were to have one last meal before execution, what would it be? Lasagne. Are they bringing the death sentence back? I for one, am entirely for this. So many shell suits...

Are you ticklish? I'd rather not disclose!

What do you think of Lady Ga Ga? I'm ga ga about the idea of pistol whipping the bint.

Have you ever been in love? No. I don't think that is possible.

Words: Matthew Skingsley

Photos: All photos are interviewee's own.

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