People : Billy Byrne

Billy Boi! An artist who KNOWS how to draw pregnant boobs. Oh, and he paints with lipstick. Pucker up...
Photo's courtesy of Billy's Facebook & Snappuup!

Name and D.O.B please...

15th May 1986. Some know me as Frankie, others know me as Shirley, you may call me Billy Byrne.

What inspires you as an artist?

My work attempts to convey a strongly defined atmosphere, an atmosphere of bizarre and deviant beauty: where the erotic and the unsavory cohabit: a city and its corruption. As such I am influenced not just by visual artists but sources such as David Lynch films (Blue Velvet) and Decadent literary figures such as Charles Baudelaire and Paul Verlaine.

Visually my work brings to mind Egon Schiele, with angular bodies contorted into sexual and stylized scenes, more often disturbing then conventional 'erotic', I use lipstick as my main medium, the differing tones of red really supplements the Schiele comparisons too.

Give us and example of your daily routine.

Wake from my slumber, scratch my head wondering what to do today, consider the merits of having a wank, then decide against it (I will have earned it more later), go shower, clean my teeth, and get dressed in seconds flat then out the door (I dont usually have breakfast as I always seem to feel sick in the morning).

Has your work ever received negative critisism? If so, how did it make you feel?

When at a party/social gathering, the girlfriend of a mate (who shall remain nameless) started shouting loudly in front of everyone how shit she thought my work was because i couldnt draw realistically, "pregnant boobs dont look like that", even though I intentionally do my work like this, it still made me want to punch her.

The best moment of you career so far has been...

Having my work involved in 'The Factory' a night of art and music in which my work and that of others was exhibited at Proud in Camden, with literally thousands of people coming through the doors throughout the night, its probably the only decent exposure Ive had.

You could've been an astronaut. Why did you choose art? Or did it choose you?

If not being to do anything else other then sit in class drawing in infants school during break times because bullies were waiting for you outside, then yeah it chose me.

Random questions. How big are your feet, and are they ticklish?

They are small for a fella I reckon, 7-8, and they are sometimes ticklish. Depends on whos tickling them, if its Daisy Lowe or some other totty, then they can be as ticklish as they like.

Size 7-8?! How little ARE you?

Im only 5'7/8!... Oh wait you mean my downstairs... Well I am exceedingly large in that case, I am like a tripod.

So is Daisy Lowe the only person you'd allow to tickle your feet? Why her?

If I had an ideal girl, she would be it, Long fringey hairstyles are my weakness. I would also allow Sienna Miller and Bryce Dallas Howard (I also have a fetish for gingers)

If you were trapped in a small metal, wet room and had only a torch and a subway sandwhich, what would you do?

Use the torch to heat up the sandwich. Mould the tasty product onto the door handle and then stick the torch in it, and hope it blows up like they do in the movies.

You're told all dogs are to be extinct and you made responsible in less than a minute if you dont kill your Mother. What do you do?

Lose lose situation as my mother is a dog.
In 5 years time, what will you be doing?

Probably drinking myself into oblivion, covered in genital warts, in the gutter, but preferably after I made my name as a creative type and quite famous.

In 20 years time, what would you have acheived? See question 10.

Who are your favourite people?


Where is your favourite place?

London, it's really where the action is, especially Shoreditch/Hoxton area, I lived there for seven months and intend to go back as soon as possible.

What is it about Shoreditch/Hoxton area that makes you think its got the buzz?

Even though the East End is a rough shithole thats a bit stabby, I still feel I can totter around wearing whatever I feel like, and I think alot of people would agree and this has contributed to the bohemian vibe of the place, attracting even more creative types, and the appearance of clubs and pubs has only helped, not to mention celebrities (I got mistaken for Alex Turner there once).

What other places would you take your work for exposure, apart from London?

Mmmm New York, Paris, Berlin, Toyko maybe, wherever there are rich people wanting to spend money on art, and wherever there are red light districts.

Name your top 5 movies of all time. If you don't watch film, and if thats the case frankly you're a weirdo, then list your top 5 songs. Or do both!

Withnail And I
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Rebel Without A Cause
Dr Strangelove
A Clockwork Orange

Fashion... you're going to a dinner party... you wear...

Skinny suit (that I sewn myself bitch), winklepickers, and a cowboy straw hat, with a pocket watch hanging out my pocket.
You're going to a house party... you wear...

Skinny suit (that I sewn myself bitch), winklepickers, and a cowboy straw hat, with a bottle of Jack Daniels hanging out my hand.

You're going to bed... you wear...

Skinny suit (that I sewn myself bitch), winklepickers, and a cowboy straw hat, with a female hanging out my trousers.
Do you wear socks to bed?

How dare you.

Megan Fox... skank or princess?

A skank but with a princess side that I think I can tempt out.

Finally... what are you afraid of?

Not achieving want I try really fucking hard for, and dying unknown and with potential unfulfilled...and unloved.

Billy's artwork will be seeing exposure in the future, and he has recently been snapped up to design some covers for a graphic novel. Isn't he cute?


Ones 2 Watch : Ketil

Ketil / images courtesy Team Models
Ketil / images courtesy Team Models

Norwegian newcomer Ketil Maalbakken has lots of promise. Recently scouted by Team Models, Ketil has a boyish charm we’re loving. Though he has only polaroids at the moment, we can see Ketil, with a bit of development, becoming very promising indeed! View more info on Ketil’s profile.


People : Samuel J. Hextall

Sam is a FUN. We talk clothes, lifestyle, laughter and that best friend...

Hi Sam. Tell us 5 things that make you happy. Ok, 5 things that make me truly happy. My amazing friends, picnics on beautiful days, Will & Grace - weird I know but everytime I'm upset (which is rare) I put it on and it makes me feel amazing. That and The Simple Life, Ha ha. My 2 amazing sisters, L.A. and Christmas Day.

LOVE Will & Grace. Who's your favourite character? Karen of course! She's amazing! I hate it when fag hags think they're Karen I have not yet met one fag hag that is anything like her, she's one of a kind!

When was the last time you cried? The last time I really cried was probaly after I watched One Tree Hill... I never cry really but One Tree Hill is so amazing, like, it's life changing I swear to God! Oh no, actually it was when I was on the show when I was up for elimnination. So that was back in October!

Your top 3 fashion signatures are... My Blackberry in my hand, long baggy cardigans and sunglasses.

Your constantly positive and never seem down. What keeps you smiling? Hmm, I dont know. I kind of go through life not really caring about anything, I dont really get stressed and I let things pass me by. I also do have the most amazing crazy group of friends... that always helps!

So you won Paris Hilton's British Best Friend (ITV2), how's it all going being the best bud to the most famous woman on the planet? Being Paris Hiltons best friend is a long life dream. She's the sweetest, funniest, most real person I have ever met. She's a classic case of 'dont judge people before you have met them'. The real Paris is an outstanding business women and I'm very proud to be her friend.

After winning, do people recognise you? Yeah, I do get recognised quite a bit, especially on the gay scene... But I'm not really fussed about it. I went on the show to be her friend not for the fame at all. I have had some really nice feedback from people and it's so nice to hear.

Since winning, has the mini fame garnered you much male attention? Yeah, it's got me a lot of male attention, but not the good kind. No one fit yet :-(

Are your feet ticklish? YES! I swear to God, I would chop off whoever's hands would ever dare try tickling my feet. For me it's the worst thing ever... Torture!

So you wouldn't stand tickle torture for too long? Where would you put the hands once you chopped them off?! I would rather shoot myself in the head than stand being tickled for longer than 2 seconds! I would put the hands in my special box where I keep memories of an ex!

Lady Ga Ga or Madonna? LADY GAGA ALL THE WAY! She's a legend. She's so weird and hilarious. Her music is amazing, and she can actually really sing.

Where do you party? ANYWHERE THAT A PARTY IS HAPPENING! You know I am a little obsessed with Popstarz at the den, it's legendary!

Sam is currently sunning it in L.A. with Paris Hilton, drinking cocktails and eyeing up cute boys. JELLO!

Ones 2 Watch : Laurence

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Fashion : The hottest male editorial ever?

Hot hot HOT. The following images are NSFW, so watch your back...


Model : Bruce Draper
Photographer : Tony Duran

Images courtesy of Danosaurous @ modelhommes.com


Fashion : Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2009

Beyond gorgeous? I think this shouldn't work conventionally, but it really does. Love the rouches and simplistic use of material. Cosetello Tagliapietra has had collections featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Plastique, Ellie and i-D to name but a few.

What do you think?


Music : Something amazing...


If you thought The Gossip were made purely down to the Skins promo some years ago, think again. THINK AGAIN!


Ones 2 Watch : Cristhian

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Ones 2 Watch : Irina N

Russia never sleeps! The latest doll straight out of Moscow is 20 year old Irina Nikolaeva, who was scouted by President Model Management. Irina has potential plus, as we can see in her test shots by Matteo Montanari. Her look is very eclectic and her great personality shines through with just a bit of edge, and that’s how we like them. Described by agent Alfredo at Ice Models Milan as “a bomb”, Irina is a weapon of mass attraction! View more info on Irina’s profile.


Ones 2 Watch : Paolla

Paolla Rahmeier is a Brazillian beauty with lots of charisma. Paolla is 15 years old and already signed with IMG in NY, Paris and Milan. This girl has a strong personality which shines through, along with total crossover appeal. Great eyes, a perfect pout and long legs mean that Paolla is potential plus! View more info on Paolla’s profile.


Ones 2 Watch : Florent

Newcomer Florent Sobczak is as fresh as a summer breeze. From France but with Polish roots, this 18 year old BMX bandit is the latest addition to the BANANAS (Paris) board. We love Florent’s fetching pout, perfect complexion and tousled curls. He’s so handsome we could sob! View more info on Florent’s profile.



Movie Review : Terminator Salvation (2009)

The Terminator is back!

But instead of machines form the future going back to the present day, Terminator Salvation is set on the bleak future, where the machines have taken over the world, and the human rebellion are fighting tooth and nail for survival. Christian Bale plays John Connor, the spiritual leader of the human resistance.

The film is action-packed, as with most movies helmed by McG-- the special effects are top-notch, there are sequences where the camera perspective will put audiences in a thrilling ride, and even a certain terminator we are familiar with makes a cameo. (let's call him Ah-huld).

If you take Terminator Salvation by itself, it's a very good summer movie. But what hurts it is its need to tie everything the previous three Terminator movies together and fails to clearly answer some key questions. This will definitely confuse folks who have not watched the previous films.

As I've said, Terminator Salvation is an excellent sci-fi film, but be ready to be disoriented a bit. The film starts on a new thread on the Terminator mythology, much lie what a rest button does to a machine.

Rating: 3.5/5

Regnard Raquedan blogs about movies, television and media.
More movie reviews at Screensucked!


People : Ronnie Hazell

OMFG Ronnie Hazell is a SL**! Behind the good looks and fantastic fringe is a creative someone who we go to interview.

So you're a 21 year old young guy at University in Brighton... I'm studying Digital Media Development, in my 2nd year, and mostly just enjoying life.

What does your course involve? It's mostly programming, which is like learning a totally new language. Its not very fun, but fingers crossed I'll be okay!
So in the future, you see yourself doing...? Something creative. I do a lot of 3-D modelling and animating at University. I'd love to end up doing that in the future, I can't see myself sat a desk all day, I've got far too much energy!

Energy! Excellent. That must mean you're really good in bed? Ha! I do my best…

That's a relief. According to a recent survey, a lot of guys are slacking recently in the bedroom. What do you have to say about that? I would say the girls have obviously been shopping for chaps at the wrong places. And to the guys, I would say practice makes perfect!

What would you do if one day you woke up and you were a robot? Probably end up playing practical jokes on absolutely everyone. And obviously do the robo-boogie.

No taking over the world then? Ha! I wouldn't know where to start! Besides, I would probably end up being a puny little robot like Wall-e!

Okay, so would you rather eat a bowl of baked beans and milk, or a bowl of poo and runner beans for breakfast? Ah, it would have to be the baked beans and milk for obvious reasons... I can't stand runner beans!

Would you ever let an old woman tie you up and tickle you for sexual pleasure? Of course I would, I always like to do my bit for help the aged.

Do you regret anything in life? Not at all. It's the choices I've made so far that make me who I am now, and I couldn't be happier.

What happens when the numbers run out, Ronnie? Well, I'm a total agnostic, I have no idea what's going to happen! But reincarnation would be cool. I'd very much like to be a cat.

Ever been in love? Yeah, just the once. Best feeling in life… it’s what life is about. Love and be loved!

Words: Matthew Skingsley
Photos: Facebook

You can see Ronnie's 3-D animations at his
youtube website.

Music : One Tonne Baby

From left to right; Chris, Mike, James, Adam and Dan (our main interviewee), the boys who make up the rock/pop/funk/blues/alternative mix-mash band from Romford, Essex

Dan, tell us a bit about your band. Where to start... basically it's more about a group of friends who enjoy playing music, we all have very different musical backgrounds and tastes, and a few common loves too which helps. So if you combine all our different musical tastes and personalities you end up with One Tonne Baby, a band that plays good, fun music that people can dance to.

One Tonne Baby have been around for several years now with different band members in the past. Now you've got the band finalised,are you enjoying being in a band and making music with your friends? In my opinion it rarely gets batter than this. What could be more fun than hanging out with your friends and making music at the same time? The fact that we are getting more and more gigs at better and better venues as well as working on a demo is just a bonus. Sometimes it can be tiring and yes, personalities can clash but rehearsals are the highlight of my week!

Do you think it's getting easier to make it big as a band, with stuff like Myspace and Twitter enabling you to advertise yourself freely? Yes and no. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter etc make it easier for a band to get their music out to the masses, but just because your bands Myspace has 1 million friends of whatever, doesn't mean your going to become a big band. Personally, I think that these sites are a brilliant place for people to be able to easily find music and artists, but they aren't the be all and end all.

So you think people like Lilly Allen should shut the f*** up then? Ha, ha. Not exactly. What I mean is that a lot of bands that I know of or have heard from, put SO much energy into making sure that they get as many Myspace friends as they can and surely you should be more interested in actually playing your music in front of people. Isn’t that the idea? I also happen to quite like Lilly Allen, although she needs to lay of the twittering though, it's a little bit sad.

So, if Lilly Allen and Katy Perry were having a mud-wrestling match, you'd be cheering on the Londoner? Not half mate.

So tell us about this demo situation. Ok well, as it stands we have probably 5/6 songs in different stages of completion. 'Sinopea' is complete and can be heard on our Myspace (bit hypocritical perhaps, but I’m not perfect!) and we are currently adding some finishing touches to a couple of other songs. The main goal is that if someone comes to a gig and likes our music, we can give them a demo there and then, rather than saying, "oh yeah just check
out our Myspace", it's a bit more personal I think.

Who's the mind behind the songs, or is a joint effort? The main driving song writing force behind One Tonne Baby is a Mr. Adam Sampson, he will generally come up with the basis for a song and then we each add our own little bit to it and then the song reaches a new level. We also come up with songs from just jamming which I think is brilliant, there’s nothing better than seeing a song take shape from nothing. I’ve also contributed a song from my own acoustic "side project" if you will.

Tell us more about that. Basically this came into fruition before I joined One Tonne Baby, so about a year ago now. I was in-between bands and I'd never previously tried writing a song, so with nothing else to do I stumbled through a few songs and then more followed. About 8 months ago I start to actually write lyrics for these songs and I can normally be heard singing them to myself in the background at parties and BBQ's etc. So yeah more songs followed which I personally think are far better than the first few attempts, coupled with the positive response from singing in One Tonne Baby has pushed me to take these songs more seriously. I chose the name 'Between The River' because I think my own name is far to boring to be a 'solo artists' name. I'm currently recording a 6/7 track EP as well as trying to get myself out there, playing the music in front of people. It's basically an outlet for my more personal songs as opposed to the more upbeat songs in One Tonne Baby.

So you're venturing up other avenues whilst working with the band? Yeah pretty much, I mean I never used to write songs or even dream of playing them in front of people, but now I’ve starting writing my own material, which is a lot darker and much, much more personal than One Tonne Baby's stuff. I couldn't ever not do my own thing. I think deep down I’ve always been a very creative person but never found a way of using it until I started making music, and now that I found it I can stop. I mean yesterday I came home from 4 hours practicing with the band and spent another hour working on the newest Between The River song. When it comes to music I cant really get enough.

If your band were offered the contract of a lifetime, but you had to assassinate the president of the United States, would you do it? Damn, see I think that guy had a positive effect; maybe I could just beat him up a bit and let him go with a warning?

Who in the band smells the worst? Chris because he's Greek

Is that based on the fact he's Greek or the fact he actually stinks? A little bit of both perhaps.

If you had to have your feet locked in a set of medieval stocks and tickled, how long do you think you could stand? Until I got tired & fell over!
So a long time then? I’d say at least 2 hours.

God that’s a long while for someone who's infamous for having ticklish feet... Ha, ha. Shh, that’s not meant to be public knowledge. (It is now! -EDIT)

So, in 5 years time, you see the band... I'd like to think we'd still just be 5 blokes having a laugh to be honest, that's all I could hope for. Obviously a record deal, lots of money & groupies wouldn't hurt either.
One Tonne Baby will be at Punk in Soho, London on the 23rd of June. Listen to their music at their myspace page and catch Dan's solo material at his official Between The River myspace.

Words: Matthew Skingsley
Photos: Snapuup!

People : Seejay Lewis

Seejay Lewis is an aspiring American Broadway actor. The handsome fucker gets Snapped, talks all about life on the stage... and his strange fear of sneezing?

Hello SeeJay, nice to meet you. How are you? Hi! I'm good, a little tired and my sleep schedule is a little messed up. But I'm good!

Ah, sorry to hear that. You're an inspiring actor, right? Yes I am, a musical theatre performer. I hope to be either part of a Broadway Cast or a Broadway tour. As long as I'm performing onstage for people I'm happy.

How is the journey to Broadway going? Hit any bumps or crossroads? Well as of now I'm only in college, community theatre and local productions. No Broadway path yet. I'm still in school working on my major (Musical Theatre), and training so I can prepare myself for bigger and better things. I still have a lot to learn, but I am definitely confident in my vocal and acting abilities and think I have what it takes to make it. I have a different look, meaning I look younger than I am, so I can play more youthful and fun roles. But it will be harder for me to get cast in an adult part. So that can be pretty hard, but there are plenty of shows out there I know I could do. Like Spring Awakening, or even Spelling Bee.

Every actor has an ideal role they'd like to take on. What's yours? Gah! That's so hard, I mean there are at least ten I can think of. Angel in RENT, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, Toby in Sweeney Todd, but if I had to say one...Ernst in Spring Awakening!

Do you have a favourite actor yourself? Well I absolutely love Alice Ripley and Sutton Foster. They are both so amazing in everything they do. At the same time I hate them for the same reason! Ha ha. And Cheyenne Jackson. Love him!

And actresses? Give us your favourite typical movie star. I love Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet. I think they are fantastic in everything.

Do you ever worry, if you were to become overly successful, that their type of fame and attention would change you? No, because I know I won't achieve that type of fame. I'm not looking for fame. I'm looking to perform and give people a good performance. That type of fame doesn't really exist in theatre.

It can do sometimes though, can't it? Especially amongst the industry. Do you think it can overshadow your profession? No, I don't believe so. If anything, I'd like it to help me get an opportunity to play more roles and have roles created for me. There would be nothing better than performing a part written FOR YOU

What’s your biggest fear? Getting my throat slit. Funny one: sneezing in front of people! It’s embarrassing and scary.

If you were to wake up one morning and you had a mouth on your chest, what would you do? HAHA! Scream, then put a band-aid on it

Name you're top 3 ticklish spots. Inner thigh, ribs, sternum!

Have you been in love before? Yes, twice. Right now actually. His name is Marcos, I saw him play The Cat In The Hat in Seussical, and I knew I had to have him.

Words: Alexendra Ellison
Photo: Snapuup!


People : Yanny Tokyo

Someone I recently Snapped - but this boy really is too cool for school. We talk Timeless style, Terminator Salvation and Tickle Torture...

Hi YannyToyko, as you seem to be known on Myspace. Can we ask what your real name is? See, nobody knows. So do I tell or do I keep it a secret...?

You're a model, photographer, band promoter, web designer, art designer and all round artist. Do you ever feel the need to take a nap? I hate sleep. As weird as it sounds I always think I would miss out on something, so I stay up longer. Most people would call it insomnia.

Insomnia? That's pretty intense. Do you find yourself busy all the time then? I'm always doing something or trying to find something to do, keeping myself busy and trying to achieve the best in life. If you want the best you'll work for it

Do you have a favorite photographer? If so, who is it? I have a personal photographer who photographed me recently. His name is Pantelis. The way he works amazes me, he doesn’t use Photoshop and instead uses full set lighting. It's what I call pure photography. I also love Cindy Sherman, I love her unique style and the way her work is held is very inspirational.

If you promote bands, you obviously have a keen interest in music or the music industry. Tell us your top 3 songs of all time. This is easy… Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone, Alabaster Queen – Orange Tree and The Distillers – Lordy Lordy.

You're working with bands to promote them obviously. Who's your dream band to work with and why? 100% Knights Of The Abyss, they're a talent from God, ha ha... Candy to my ears. And I would want to work more with my best friends band Alabaster Queen, even though I’ve worked with her before, she’s always giving more and giving something new every time I see her.

You're a stylish lookin' kid - where do you like to shop and what's your three favorite items of clothing? I shop everywhere and anywhere... I like to mix n' match my clothes and combine them together. My 3 favorite items have to be my red chequed shirt a friend actually gave me, and my sand boots. I love boots and baggy white t-shirts, they work well with everything.

Do you have any bad habbits that slow you down whilst working? Cleaning. I swear I have an OCD for cleaning.

Do you have ticklish feet? EXTREMELY. I hate my feet being touched! I go mad and start throwing punches…
Ah, so we've found your weak spot. How about a foot rub? No, no, no! Anyone touching my feet makes me cringe. I hate it so much.

So you'd be a bit shit if someone was tickling you for information. How quickly would you give in? Never! It'd never get that far. I'd just give in.

Do you think you're style is individually earned, or have you taken slices of inspiration from other people? Watching movies inspire me. I love the hole retro country look (see James Dean in the epic ‘Giant’) mixed with a modern edge.

How the HELL did you get a body like that? I swear and promise you this...
Okay, go on... I have never worked out and I eat more junk then anyone I know! I need to stop it, its very unhealthy. I also have sweet tooth.

You're in Southampton at the moment. What's your favorite place to go, to unwind and chillout, or to wind up and have some fun? Well I live near Southampton. I live in Amesbury, about 20 minutes away and I live in an area where there’s just fields everywhere. There’s a place me n' my friends go to play music and take photos, it's called Chalk Pit, it's up on a hill and when you look around its just this beautiful scenery of fields... My friends are very spiritual so we relax and then play music and dance and just talk... I love days like that.

Have you seen the recent Terminator movie? It's garnered mixed reviews. What's your thoughts on it all? Well I never really like those sort of films so I haven't seen it, but I did watch one of them on television the other day and really enjoyed it… So I might have to take a trip to the pictures and go see it.

If you had to live in one item of clothing, what would it be? Just me or everyone cause if its everyone thats naked

Just you. Err, okay, it would have to be the hoodie my brother bought me for a Christmas present. Its so comfy to live in.

Where's the hoody from? I'm not sure actually, hence why it was a Christmas present! ... But I think it was a bit pricey.

You've got quite a few interesting tattoo's. Which ones your favorite? Well, I have to say my pin-up on my arm (timeless ink Salisbury btw). He is truly the best tattooist I have seen and been to... I originally had my own design and he was quite blunt and said it would look like crap and wont fit properly, and then designed the one I have now. I love it. I even have people come up to me on the street and tell me it looks amazing and where did I get them done. So, good on him.
And finally, where are you from originally? I am from Germany. I can speak fluent English and German, spent 10 years of my life there and moved to England at the age of 10.
Yanny Tokyo can be found being sexual on his myspace page, where he is busy web designing, promoting and being a general insomniac.
Words: Matthew Skingsley
Photos: Snapuup!