People : Samuel J. Hextall

Sam is a FUN. We talk clothes, lifestyle, laughter and that best friend...

Hi Sam. Tell us 5 things that make you happy. Ok, 5 things that make me truly happy. My amazing friends, picnics on beautiful days, Will & Grace - weird I know but everytime I'm upset (which is rare) I put it on and it makes me feel amazing. That and The Simple Life, Ha ha. My 2 amazing sisters, L.A. and Christmas Day.

LOVE Will & Grace. Who's your favourite character? Karen of course! She's amazing! I hate it when fag hags think they're Karen I have not yet met one fag hag that is anything like her, she's one of a kind!

When was the last time you cried? The last time I really cried was probaly after I watched One Tree Hill... I never cry really but One Tree Hill is so amazing, like, it's life changing I swear to God! Oh no, actually it was when I was on the show when I was up for elimnination. So that was back in October!

Your top 3 fashion signatures are... My Blackberry in my hand, long baggy cardigans and sunglasses.

Your constantly positive and never seem down. What keeps you smiling? Hmm, I dont know. I kind of go through life not really caring about anything, I dont really get stressed and I let things pass me by. I also do have the most amazing crazy group of friends... that always helps!

So you won Paris Hilton's British Best Friend (ITV2), how's it all going being the best bud to the most famous woman on the planet? Being Paris Hiltons best friend is a long life dream. She's the sweetest, funniest, most real person I have ever met. She's a classic case of 'dont judge people before you have met them'. The real Paris is an outstanding business women and I'm very proud to be her friend.

After winning, do people recognise you? Yeah, I do get recognised quite a bit, especially on the gay scene... But I'm not really fussed about it. I went on the show to be her friend not for the fame at all. I have had some really nice feedback from people and it's so nice to hear.

Since winning, has the mini fame garnered you much male attention? Yeah, it's got me a lot of male attention, but not the good kind. No one fit yet :-(

Are your feet ticklish? YES! I swear to God, I would chop off whoever's hands would ever dare try tickling my feet. For me it's the worst thing ever... Torture!

So you wouldn't stand tickle torture for too long? Where would you put the hands once you chopped them off?! I would rather shoot myself in the head than stand being tickled for longer than 2 seconds! I would put the hands in my special box where I keep memories of an ex!

Lady Ga Ga or Madonna? LADY GAGA ALL THE WAY! She's a legend. She's so weird and hilarious. Her music is amazing, and she can actually really sing.

Where do you party? ANYWHERE THAT A PARTY IS HAPPENING! You know I am a little obsessed with Popstarz at the den, it's legendary!

Sam is currently sunning it in L.A. with Paris Hilton, drinking cocktails and eyeing up cute boys. JELLO!

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