Movie Review : Terminator Salvation (2009)

The Terminator is back!

But instead of machines form the future going back to the present day, Terminator Salvation is set on the bleak future, where the machines have taken over the world, and the human rebellion are fighting tooth and nail for survival. Christian Bale plays John Connor, the spiritual leader of the human resistance.

The film is action-packed, as with most movies helmed by McG-- the special effects are top-notch, there are sequences where the camera perspective will put audiences in a thrilling ride, and even a certain terminator we are familiar with makes a cameo. (let's call him Ah-huld).

If you take Terminator Salvation by itself, it's a very good summer movie. But what hurts it is its need to tie everything the previous three Terminator movies together and fails to clearly answer some key questions. This will definitely confuse folks who have not watched the previous films.

As I've said, Terminator Salvation is an excellent sci-fi film, but be ready to be disoriented a bit. The film starts on a new thread on the Terminator mythology, much lie what a rest button does to a machine.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and think i going tomorrow and watch it, last week tickets were sold out.

  2. love the blog
    but to be honest T4 is utter crap
    In comparison to T1 and T2 (T3 was ok but way bertter than 4) it was lame ass mtv "we forgot the plot" driven shite
    Mmm well everyones entitled to their opinion

  3. I agree. I thought it was a confusing mess, at least T3 kept in mind everything from the original movies.